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Yoga for Kids is a dynamic, 45-minute class where children will learn yoga poses, apply those poses to games and activities, as well as work with the breath.  This class incorporates strength, flexibility, and coordination in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  Kids engage in high-energy games, find time for stillness, and everything in between!

Grownups are welcome to participate and share their love of Yoga with their little ones.

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No registration required. Use the button above to make an inquiry, or just come (and bring a friend)!

40 Thorndike St., Concord, NH

Unit 2C - Upstairs on the second floor, to the left,

in the Concord Community Arts center. It's a big brick school building. Head in through the front door and straight through the lobby to a set of double red doors. Go through and up the stairs to the second floor, and you'll find RATTLEBOX KIDS to the left. Just listen for music :)


ages 2.5 to 8 years and their grownups

         Mondays @ 11:00  

                 drop-in: $10/child

                            $5 / grownup

Come drop in and try it out! Mention this promotion and your first time is free!

Meet the teacher:

Rattlebox is excited to introduce you to Miss Alison!

Alison Murphy is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher.  She completed her training at Sharing Yoga in Concord, NH, in May of 2014.  Her interest in yoga is because of its unique ability to help individuals look inward to calm the mind, and at the same time, strengthen the body physically through the postures.  Alison teaches classes around Concord to all ages and abilities. Alison also runs Concord Handmade, a mobile shop and holiday pop-up shop, and lives in Concord with her family.


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