Why are MUSIC and ART class important

to my child's development?


Regular participation helps children to learn the structure and routine of classes as well as helps them build upon the skills they learn each week.


  • Promote creativity

  • Build neural pathways

  • Encourage sequencing and motor planning

  • Build skills for following directions and learning routines

  • Boost academic success

  • Stimulate fine motor, gross motor, and visual motor development

  • Provide a baseline for further learning and discussion at home




  • One of the only activities that activates all areas of the brain

  • Promotes the development of language, sequencing, and memory

  • Connects the mind and the body so they can work together

  • Positive effect on mood – can be uplifting or calming depending on the beat/tone

  • Helps reduce overstimulation and can promote sensory organization

  • Introduces concepts such as rhythm, volume control




  • Stimulates the creative process and promotes problem solving

  • Provides a fun introduction to pre-academics – colors, shapes, numbers, letters, spatial awareness

  • Great for bilateral coordination (the ability to use both hands together to complete a task) and crossing of the midline – both of which build pathways in the brain

  • Stimulates all of the senses to further build neural connections

  • Engages children in a playful sensory experience

  • Encourages emotional expression

--Barb Cloutier

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