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ages 1 to 6 years



This art class is a multi-sensory experience.  It is all about the process!  Children will create their own masterpieces through play and exploration.  Classes focus on skill development in a variety of areas including gross motor, fine motor, visual motor, sensory exploration, science, language, and creativity.  We craft with numerous mediums, though no brushes will be used!  Getting messy and having fun are encouraged!  Class runs for 45 minutes. Children leave with their creations and parents leave with new ideas for crafting at home!

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40 Thorndike St., Concord, NH

Unit 2C - Upstairs on the second floor, to the left,

in the Concord Community Arts center. It's a big brick school building. Head in through the front door and straight through the lobby to a set of double red doors. Go through and up the stairs to the second floor, and you'll find RATTLEBOX KIDS to the left. Just listen for music :)

Every Thursday!


Thursdays @ 10am  

                 drop-in: $10/child

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If you're looking for a 4th of July activity, these were kid approved! We used cardboard tubes to make fireworks. The beauty of open ended activities is the kids are so creative and come up with great ideas. One child decided to paint and the pour rice over his picture for added depth! All of the kids then followed suit! Love it! - Miss Barb

Bubble wrap on rolling pins. If you don't have a rolling pin, I'm sure a stick or pvc pipe would work just fine! -Miss Barb

Here's a fun activity to do at home. Start by painting cardboard different colors (or have your child do the painting!). The goal is to then have your child match like colored objects! However, I'd add another step by 'hiding' the items around the house and creating a scavenger hunt. Then you can incorporate movement, searching, sorting, and more! Have fun! 😀 - Miss Barb

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